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Our in-house team of engineers and designers is dedicated to innovation, research and development.
Lessons learned on each project are continuously used to improve our products and processes.
We strive to stay at the spearhead of our industry and provide architects with better tools and building solutions to design striking and timeless buildings.


It is Guoxing's policy to operate in a manner that would protect the health, safety and well-being of people, local communities and the country where it is operating. Guoxing is committed to achieving the highest HSE standards in the execution of its business, from planning and engineering phases through construction on site. Guoxing has clear goals to continuously improve toward, and try to maintain, ZERO injuries and occupational illness. We also pursue management procedures that guarantee dedication to safety and occupation health.

Guoxing's personnel recognize that commitment to safety is a condition of employment, and understand that they are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of those around them. Respecting and caring for the environment in which LEAD operates is achieved by minimizing the environmental impact of its activities. It is also achieved by operating in a responsible manner which reduces the risk of environmental pollution and by fostering and encouraging open communication on company environmental performance with interested parties.

This process raises awareness about the impact of Guoxing's activities vis a vis government, clients, and other interested parties resulting in balanced environmental expectations.

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We encourage people to take an interest in how the world around them has been built and those that built it.
Who we are?
With decades of experience specializing in steel girder fabrication,we can take on the most challenging weldments in your steel structure.
we adhere to strict quality assurance processes to track each steel item and ensure that we fabricate all our steelwork to approved shop drawings.