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Our in-house team of engineers and designers is dedicated to innovation, research and development.
Lessons learned on each project are continuously used to improve our products and processes.
We strive to stay at the spearhead of our industry and provide architects with better tools and building solutions to design striking and timeless buildings.

Development path

Since 1994

  • 1994

    Xiaoshan Guoxing Equipment Installation Co., Ltd.

    Mainly active in installation and commissioning of industrial equipment;

  • 2000

    Renamed as Zhejiang Guoxing Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

    One of the early companies in domestic market works for structural steel fabrication and contractor.

  • 2007

    The company invested in Anji County and established Zhejiang Guoxing Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Who is one of the key companies invested in Anji Economic Development Zone;

  • 2009

    The company invests new steel production line and hot dip

    Galvanizing line with annual capacity reaching 100,000 tons;

    Actively to meet the market demand and realize integration of fabrication and galvanizing;

  • 2015

    Anji Company was renamed as Zhejiang Guoxing Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd.

    Meet international market demand and became as National High-tech Enterprise;


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Who we are?
With decades of experience specializing in steel girder fabrication,we can take on the most challenging weldments in your steel structure.
we adhere to strict quality assurance processes to track each steel item and ensure that we fabricate all our steelwork to approved shop drawings.
We are experts in manufacturing and fabricating a wide range of structural steel work structures of varying scope.